What Is A Polyurt

A Full Circle Shelters Polyurt is an appropriately sized house for those wanting to downsize, an answer to prayers for persons displaced from their normal homes, a guest house or vacation cabin for some, or the first solid, safe family home for others.

The first Full Circle Shelter was designed as an easy-to-assemble storage/utility building. Quickly we realized it could fill the need for temporary post-disaster relief housing units. Some have said the shelters are “too good for temporary shelters; they should be used as small homes”, and so our shelters have evolved to meet a variety of needs and conditions.

A Polyurt is...

Let your creative side out of the box and come up with your own unique use.

Polyurt types and sizes...

We offer Polyurts in four different configurations depending on size and use.

First are the wood shell models from 6 sides and 42 Sq Ft to 20 sides and 500 Sq Ft. These models are intended for use as recreational cabins or backyard getaways and studios. All sizes use 4 x 8 wall panels. Adding insulation, heat and utilities will ready these for year round use. These models are available as fully pre-cut kits, hardware ring kits and plans or as DIY plans only. For details go to Kits and Plans or the tab at the top of the page.

The second is the cement block versions. These are all 12 sided with varying side lengths and sizes from 195 sq ft to 730 sq ft. The block versions are for areas needing high wind resistance strength but not insulation such as the tropics. These models are only available at this time as DIY plans and are covered in Kits and Plans or the tab at the top of the page.

Third is the Structural Insulated Panel or SIP models. These are available in sizes from 600 Sq Ft up to 1630 Sq Ft for year round comfortable family homes. They all use the fully insulated 8' x 8' panels that provide both the structure and the insulation. SIP models are available as pre-cut kits only ready for assembly on your foundtion. Full information on these models is at Larger Models or the tab at the top of the page.

Fourth is the steel frame models in three small house sizes. This is an all steel frame and roof small home. Starting as disaster relief the same building can be used as a quick temporary shelter, then enclosed as a transitional shelter, and finally moved if needed onto a permanent floor and enclosed with solid walls for a complete small home. One building that serves the needs of displaced persons throughout the rebuilding process. Polyurt Steel Frame Kit

Whatever your needs are we have a Polyurt that is "just right".

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