SIP Polyurt Larger Models

Full Circle Shelters has combined the efficient with strong circular shape and manufactured structural insulated panels (SIPs). This combination introduces a new level of comfort and efficiency into modern homebuilding.

Models range in size from 600 to 1630 square feet and use structural insulated panels (SIPís) for the walls and roof. Using SIPs the home's structural shell and insulation are completed in one easy step.

The Circular Shape Provides

- Less exterior surface area for a given floor area

- Open floorplans for comfort, convienence and accessibility

- Less wind resistance for a stronger home in adverse weather conditions

- Panoramic views, natural light and air circulation

- A natural fit into the surrounding environment

SIPs Provide

- Framing, sheathing and insulation done in one step

- Lower waste with all parts pre cut and framed

- Up to 2 1/2 times stronger than stick built homes

- LEED and Energy Star Compatible

- Less lumber use and recycled foam content insulation

Combined benefits of circular and SIPs

- Super Energy Efficiency with savings of up to 60 % on heating and cooling costs

- Quicker building process means you save money and move in sooner

- Quieter indoor environment as wind and exterior noises are greatly reduced

- Lower initial building cost allows more for upgraded features

- Reduced lifetime maintainance costs

SIP Models and Sizes

Model Diameter Sides Square Feet
Walden - Henry David Thoreau 28'-4" 12 600
Listening Point - Sigurd Olson 30'-11" 12 720
Sand County - Aldo Leapold 33'-5" 13 850
Pine Knot - Teddy Roosevelt 35'-10" 14 980
Springdale - Rachel Carson 38'-6" 15 1130
Clear Lake - Gaylord Nelson 41' 16 1280
Fountain Lake - John Muir 46' 18 1630

SIP Panel R Values

Thickness R Value Weight/sq. ft.
5 1/2" 24 3.75#
7 1/4" 31 4.2#
9 1/4" 38 4.6#
11 1/4" 46 4.9#

SIP Shell Packages

Sip Shell Packages Include:

Wall Panels

* 5 1/2" closed cell EPS foam core

* 7/16" OSB interior and exterior sheathing

* Patented thermal post at each panel connection

* Single 2x6 sill plate and double 2x6 top plates

* Door and window openings with perimeter structural framing and structural headers per plan

* Horizonal and vertical wiring chases and knockouts for standard single gang electrical boxes

Roof Panels

* 9 1/2" closed cell EPS foam core

* 7/16" OSB interior and exterior sheathing

* Insulated I-Joist connector installed at the edge of each panel

* Wire chases with 12-3/w ground NMB electrical wire installed

Other items included

* Joint sealant, foam sealant and foam cleaner

* SIP fasteners for roof to wall connections

* Steel roof straps and connectors per plan

* 4" interior and 6" exterior seam tape for all panel connections

* Dupont Tyvek Home Wrap

* Panel construction drawings

Polyurt Larger Model Photos

1130 SF on full basement

1630 SF One floor on heated slab

Polyurt Floorplans & Construction Details

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