A $4500 House

What Is A $4500 House...?

In many ways it is much like any home…a roof for shelter from the elements, windows for light and ventilation, solid walls to keep the weather out, and a floor to keep you up off of the ground. What does a $ 4500 house look like?

In some ways it is more than a home we think of as “normal” – it’s portable, easily assembled in a few hours and just as easily disassembled and moved to a new site if desired. It doesn’t include a thirty-year mortgage, and it’s built with low maintenance materials.

In one important way it is less than a “normal” home – in its size. The basic shell shown here is 180 square feet, a 12-sided polygon with an open floor plan. Panelized construction makes for easy transportation and handling. This is almost twice the size of tiny or “micro homes” now in use. It is about the same size as the average travel trailer. One person can accomplish assembly in approximately three hours, or even more quickly with two people. The circle is the strongest, most common shape in the universe and uses materials more efficiently than other shapes.

The basic shell is perfect for a summer vacation cabin or a small house in a mild climate. Or think of it as a creative studio for painting, music or meditation, as a guest house, a backyard or back forty getaway and even as a home office space. Add insulation, solar or “on grid” electricity, and various bathroom options to create a very affordable home, suitable for any climate, and year round use.

This description and photo set are for the Model 180 Wood Shell package.

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