Model 180 Wood Shell

The model 180 is our original Polyurt and the most popular size. It is big enough for a great one room cabin or guest house and small enough to be very efficient in both use of materials and energy as well as easy and quick to build. The model 180 is offered in three configurations as listed below.

Model 180 Wood Shell Packages

Package 1 - DIY Ring Kit and Plans. Includes roof and floor aluminized steel rings, corner locator pins, center roof skylight dome, full part drawings, cutting and assembly instructions. $485.00 includes shipping in 48 states.

Package 2 - Full pre-cut ready to assemble Wood Shell Package. Includes Package 1 plus all floor, walls and roof panels and framing, exterior trim for wall corners and roof, steel insulated door with glass, three vinyl single hung insulated glass windows. Assemble in half a day for a seasonal cabin or add your own insulation and interior finish for year round use. Contact us for current pricing.

Model 180 Packages

Model 180 Options

Solar Electric Cart

Click on the link below to go to the Solar Cart page for full description and details.

Solar Cart  

Other options are in process and will be added soon. They include kitchen cabinet set or camp kitchen, water control panel with pressure pump, woodstove or outdoor wood heater or LP heater, bathroom add-on room with shower, compost toilet and solar water heater.

These options will depend on your needs, your location and any applicable local codes you must meet.

Kits & Plans for all sizes Wood Shell Packages

Full Circle Shelters offers kits and plans in various configurations, ranging in size from six sides and 42 sq. ft. up to twenty sides and 500 sq. ft.

All of our kits are easy-to-assemble shell packages for seasonal use. You can add insulation, heat and utilities as needed for year round use

Click on the Model for full information on the kits & plans available

Model Diameter Sides Square Feet
Model 42   7.5' 6 42
Model 75   10' 8 75
Model 125 12' 10 125
Model 180 15' 12 180
Model 250 18' 14 250
Model 320 20' 16 320
Model 400 23' 18 400
Model 500 25' 20 500

Plans for Cement Block Polyurts

The cement block versions of the Polyurt are currently available only as DIY plans. These block versions are made in four sizes: 195 sq ft with 3 block long walls, 335 sq ft with 4 block long walls, 515 sq ft with 5 block long walls and 730 sq ft with 6 block long walls. The plans set is for all four sizes, all are 12 sided with the different wall lengths. The block versions are made of stanard cement block that is dry stacked(no mortar between blocks). They are then coated inside and out with a surface bond reinforced stucco material and alternate cores are filled with concrete. The roof is framed with wood and sheeted with plywood. The final roofing surface can be any standard roofing material appropriate for your area and budget.

When you order the plans set you will be directed to Paypal to pay. The plans will be sent as an email attachment. All plans are in PDF format.

Cement Block Polyurt Plan Set $40.00

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