Polyurt Steel Frame Kit

The Polyurt is an easy and fast to assemble shelter building frame kit. The completed building is all steel and concrete adding more strength to the already strong circular shape. The following images give the basic details on these kits and available sizes. Please contact us for current pricing or any questions you may have.

The Polyurt kits are easy and fast to assemble. Available in three sizes and with all components custom fabricated of aluminized steel to fight rust and corrosion. The simple bolt together construction requires no special tools or skills. The frame and roof assembly can be completed by two to three people in less than half a day. Sheet steel roof panels with seam seal strips and an acrylic dome in the center of the roof ensure weather tight protection while admitting natural light. Like a traditional yurt, the Polyurt is a self supporting structure requiring no internal roof support posts. This allows a fully open floor plan that can be divided as needed into seperate rooms or not at all depending on needs.

Polyurt Steel Frame Shelter Specifications

Model 350-16 Area 347SF(32m2) Diameter 21'-4"(6.6m) 16 sides

Model 550-20 Area 545SF(51m2) Diameter 26'-2"(8m) 20 sides

Model 800-24 Area 787SF(74m2) Diameter 31-6"(9.6m) 24 sides

The versital steel frame Polyurt is dsigned to meet temporary shelter through permanent housing needs in three stages:

STAGE 1: For a temporary shelter the frame and roof are assebled and the walls wrapped with a poly tarp materil to enclose the space. Much like tent, this is setup quickly to move displaced people out of the weather. Stage 1 is intended for short term emergency shelter use only.

STAGE 2: Startng with the stage 1 assembled frame the wall tarp is replaced with solid sheet material(plywood or similar) for added strength and security. Doors and windows can be installed in these panels to provide air flow and further enhanced security. Stage 2 is intended for use as transitional shelter for limited time only.

STAGE 3:This stage turns the shelter into a permanent home. If not already on a concrete slab floor and in its final location, this can be done now. The Polyurt frame can be easily moved short distances fully assembled onto a cement slab floor or simply raised slightly and a floor poured inside in its current location. The solid wall sheets are removed and replaced with concrete and steel reinforced cement block walls. This can be accomplished one wall panel at a time as resources allow and while the building is occupied. The interior and exterior surfaces of the block walls are coated with a fiber reinforced stucco coating to increase strength and provide a paintable weather tite finish.

Completion of stage 3 creates a strong and weather resistant permanent home. The Polyurt has been designed so each of the three stages can be assisted by or even completed by the family that will occupy the house. Owner involvement in the building process helps foster pride in thier new home and the community as a whole, and also means homes will be maintained better for the long term.

The resulting steel and concrete home is completely fire proof. The Polyurt's shpe is naturally strong and much more resistant to high wind conditions than a conventional square shaped building.

Utilities and infrastruture

Utility services can be simple and independent solar water heating and solar electric system for each home, or municipal utility service input if available. Solar electric would be used for lighting, water pumping and food refrigeration.

Water supply and waste management would be the standard existing currently or through use of rainwater collection and filtering, composting toilets, etc. for a fully independent home.

For more information, any questions and current pricing contact:

dennis@fullcircleshelters.com or call Dennis Fry 608-475-0531

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